• Telley Psychology is a clinical psychology practice that provides services in Olinda.

  • We take an empathic approach to understanding each individual's unique circumstances.

  • Understanding is key; the main objective of psychological intervention, however, is change

  • Psychology can be helpful in times of crisis, or as an ongoing support to assist in living with mental health challenges.

Empathy | Understanding | Change

Telley Psychology was established to provide affordable, evidence based psychological intervention, and now provides services to the communities in Olinda. Telley Psychology prides itself on being a small service where patients are a human being, not just a referral. We take a holistic approach, and understand that many factors, including financial stress, interpersonal conflict, and substance use can all impact on your mental health.

Make not your thoughts your prisons.
- Anthony and Cleopatra


Telley Psychology is a small clinical psychology practice located in Olinda.

We believe strongly in taking a holistic approach to treating mental health difficulties, looking at broader factors such as financial stress, substance abuse and interpersonal conflict, all of which can have a profound effect on mental health.

To achieve this, we have established an affordable, evidence-based practice, which serves the communities in and around Olinda. We are committed to providing ongoing and affordable therapy to our clients, not just to those who can afford to pay - depending on your financial position, we can negotiate a reduced fee.

We have chosen to remain a small practice so that we can treat each patient as an individual. Improving quality of life is our primary goal; we genuinely invest in the wellbeing of each and every patient.


The first step to overcoming our emotional challenges is to understand our thoughts and behaviours.

At Telley Psychology, we believe in the efficacy of cognitive-behaviour therapy to deliver meaningful and lasting change to our patients. We also advocate mindfulness, and encourage patients to develop a deeper understanding of their own unique personality.

Trauma comes in many forms, and can have a profound impact on mental health and wellbeing, however it is often very hard to identify how traumatic experiences impact on our lives. In this way, psychological therapy can be helpful in times of crisis, or as an ongoing support to assist in living with mental health challenges.


Directly changing one's emotional state can be difficult - particularly in the heat of the moment. There is often a gap between insight and behaviour change - knowing what to do is not enough. For example, simply saying "Cheer up!" or "Stop being so anxious!" can make things worse.

Training our minds is like training our bodies - it takes time, effort and a plan. If you're going to the gym for the first time, it makes sense to seek advice from a gym instructor. Similarly, if you're hoping to change and develop psychologically, it makes sense to seek advice from a psychologist. At Telley Psychology, we aim to offer help in a compassionate, flexible and affordable way.