Mental Health Care Plans

Telley Psychology is committed to providing ongoing and affordable therapy to all clients, not just to those who can afford to pay, and we are willing to negotiate a reduced fee for those who are unable to afford the standard consultation.

The most affordable way to access psychological therapy is through a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP), which can be prepared by your GP. This care plan allows for a limited number of sessions per year (6 – 10) to attract a Medicare Rebate. Before booking your first appointment, talk to your GP about your eligibility for a MHCP. Your GP will decide if a MHCP is appropriate for you, given your health care needs and circumstances. Even if you are not eligible for a MHCP, you can still make an appointment as a private patient.

Further information on MHCPs can be found in this government fact sheet.

Fees, rebates and out of pocket expenses are as follows:

Fees Rebate Out of Pocket Expense
Dr Andrew Telley $190.00 $126.50 $63.50
Camila Camilleri $140.00 $86.15 $53.85

View the Department of Health Fact Sheet for Patients.

Information on Informed Consent can be found here.

Information on our Privacy Policy can be found here.

Please note: A $90 fee may be payable if you call to cancel/postpone your session on the day of the appointment, or for non-attendance without notice. Of course, we understand that sometimes things just go wrong, and we’ll take any extenuating circumstances into account.