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Telley Psychology was established to provide affordable, evidence based psychological intervention, and now provides services to the communities in Olinda. Telley Psychology prides itself on being a small service where patients are a human being, not just a referral. We take a holistic approach, and understand that many factors, including financial stress, interpersonal conflict, and substance use can all impact on your mental health.


Dr Andrew Telley
BSocSc (Psych)
BApplSc (Psych) (Hons)
Doctor of Psychology (Clinical)

Andrew is a Clinical Psychologist with a background in human resources management. He currently shares his time between private practice and public mental health. Andrew has previous experience in counselling and medical rehabilitation settings.

Andrew works primarily from a cognitive framework, which applies the fundamental factors of how we think to inform treatment for a broad range of personal and psychological difficulties. He has a particular interest in anxiety, personality disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, complex trauma, and works with adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

Andrew is highly empathic and committed to understanding every patient’s unique story. He designs specific intervention strategies tailored to the individual, informed by evidence-based assessment and the latest clinical research. He works collaboratively with patients to implement change, constantly updating and adjusting his formulation to better inform treatment.

Andrew is also an accredited Clinical Supervisor and is available to provide supervision for the Clinical Registrar Program. A list of his research publications can be found here.

  • Dr Andrew Telley